Wednesday 6/2/2021 World Metrology Day Message from the Head of Metrology Center, Weights and Measures
National metrology centers of various countries celebrate the World Metrology Day 2021 AD (1400 solar years) as the world deal with one of its great challenges in the field of health. Through joint efforts and the definition of international projects, a series of scientists have been able to cope with the virus almost a gram of corona and have achieved great achievements. This challenge is so important that the International Bureau of Weights and Measures and the International Organization for Legal Metrology have chosen the slogan of World Metrology Day as "Measurement for Health". In addition to collaborating on international projects, metrologists working at national metrology centers conduct independent research on topics related to Covid 19 disease, some of which are mentioned:
- Invention of new methods with high sensitivity and accuracy in the diagnosis of COVID-19. Mathematical methods are used to detect and reduce measurement errors to identify potential carriers without symptoms of coronavirus;
- Use of SARS-CoV-2 RNA components for quality control and calibration of diagnostic kits;
- Using molecular dynamics simulation method to predict the movements and shapes of the virus in order to design and formulate new drugs;
- Examine the physics of the air flow in breathing or coughing when using the mask.
The importance of the issue of "health measurement" in addition to the coronavirus epidemic in other aspects is also worth considering. Economic studies show that "health" is one of the important indicators in creating wealth and improving the quality of life of citizens. Doctors, in offices and hospitals, measure blood pressure, report medical diagnostic laboratories, MRI, etc., diagnose the disease and prescribe medical care and necessary drugs and their dosage. No part of health and medical services need to be measured. Sometimes in emergencies, due to the values ​​shown by the measurement equipment, doctors do not have more than a few minutes to make the right decision. The operation of medical equipment loses their lives. All over the world, the safety features and performance of medical equipment are monitored by accredited bodies. In order to comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and international standards, it is necessary to apply legal metrology for some medical equipment. In this way, these equipments will be certified by third party institutions at certain intervals. The International Organization for Legal Metrology has started its activity to formulate technical standards and regulations for these equipments by forming Technical Committee No. 18 entitled "Medical Measuring Devices". Has so far developed and published more than 10 international standards. Metrology center, Weights and Measures is ready with the cooperation of relevant legal institutions and based on the results of risk assessment of medical equipment relying on local knowledge and employing local specialists and knowledge companies. The foundation is to gradually bring these equipments under the control of legal metrology by creating the necessary infrastructure.