Tuesday 4/6/2021 Accessibility for all

Ergonomics data for standards developers just updated
Over a billion people around the world have some form of disability, so ensuring products, services and environments are accessible to everyone is fundamental to human rights. Standards have a strong role to play in that, which is why ISO developed ISO/IEC Guide 71Guide for addressing accessibility in standards.
Aimed at standards developers, Guide 71 helps ensure that accessibility issues are considered when developing or revising standards. Since a key element of accessibility is human ergonomics, ISO also has guidance on ergonomics data to support users of Guide 71, and it has just been updated.
ISO/TR 22411Ergonomics data for use in the application of ISO/IEC Guide 71:2014, helps standards developers to understand human characteristics and capabilities of persons with disabilities and older persons.
This technical report provides quantitative data and knowledge as well as context-specific and task-specific data, all being based on ergonomics research. The data focuses on the effects of ageing and/or consequences of various types of human sensory, physical and cognitive disabilities.