The meeting of the restructuring the technical committee corresponding to pollution measurement was held
The meeting of restructuring the corresponding technical committee of ISIRI / OIML / TC 16 corresponding to the technical committee of OIML TC 16 entitled "instruments for measuring polutants" was held with the presence of a group of experts in this field virtually. Corresponding Technical Committee ISIRI / OIML / TC 16 was established in 2014 and the Islamic Republic of Iran is an active member (P) in the International Technical Committee OIML / TC 16 and all sub-committees
Also, due to the importance of environmental protection in the world, the publications of this technical / sub-committee, which are often in the field of measuring air, water and soil pollutants, are of great importance and the participation of national experts in developing guidelines and international standards. Relevant plays a very important role in this regard