BIPM CBKT Programme goes virtual
CBKT Programme launched its "Remote learning support" initiative in May 2020 with the delivery of its first online short course for RMOs (COOMET) and its first online technical exchange for CMC writers (Q/A sessions).
The KCDB 2.0 - an online short course
This newly developed online course attracted more than 100 participants from COOMET who are directly involved in the operation of the CMC review process and who pilot comparisons. The short course was split into three one-day sessions from 25 to 27 May, with each session lasting around three hours. The modules addressed:
  • User accounts
  • Creation of CMCs
  • CMC review processes
  • Comparisons
  • KCDB search facilities
  • Statistics.
Each module was followed by a series of multiple choice questions to the participants to establish immediately how well the content had been understood. This allowed the KCDB experts to continue by focusing on the aspects participants had found most challenging.