The bell of scientific revolution was played in Qazvin Province
Following the 26th CGPM 2018 in Versailles and approval of new definition of SI, NMCI determined to promote it across the country by holding different workshops at universities and related associations in Iran. 
The first workshop of the New SI was held with the collaboration of Standards office and Imam Khomeini International University at Qazvin province.
At the beginning, Mr. Mohammadi, Deputy of Scientific Metrology, while introducing the science of metrology and its applications in daily life, described its national and international structures as well as its targets to the audiences. In the following, Mrs.Hashami, Head Quantity and Calibration Group, spoke about the history of SI development.
Dr.Madanipour, NMCI President, pointed to the need for change at the SI system and practical ability based on theoretical foundations at the highest level.At the end, he answered to the questions of professors and students.